Another Web tool for Creating Professionally Looking Presentations

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After we have seen how to easily create class newspapers and informational flyers using Printing Press tool, we are introducing you to another equally important tool called Microsoft Sway. This is a free digital storytelling tool and mobile app that allows students to create and share visually appealing presentations, newsletters, personal stories and interactive reports. The process is simple and easy: students choose the designs they want to use for their creations, add their own content and when done they share it with others through a generated link.

Whether it is a presentation, newsletter or an interactive report, students can add a wide variety of multimedia materials to their creation including videos, images, text, charts…etc. They can use the site’s internal search functionality to help them locate relevant media content to add to their work. Additionally, ‘Sway’s design engine instantly puts all your content together into a nice, cohesive layout. Choose from multiple designs in the Layout gallery, customize it to add finishing touches, and you’re ready to go’. As for sharing options, with a single click students can generate unique links to share their productions. Anyone with the link can see their creation without having to sign up or download additional software.
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