Another Great Video Tool for Teachers and Students

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Vibby is a very good tool that you can use to highlight and share specific parts of videos. Viewers will only see the cropped portion you sent and not the entire video. This is especially useful to use with students. Instead of sharing the whole video you can highlight the parts you want them to see and send them over in the form of vibs. Vibby supports a wide variety of video hosting platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Facebook, Mobcrush and any publicly hosted HTML5 video format.

Vibs you create can be open to the public for everyone to watch and comment on. Alternatively, you can unlist your vibe so that only those with the link can comment. You can also share your vibs via email, social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, a direct link, or embed them in your blog or website.

YouTube has a relatively similar feature that allows you to crop and share specific parts of videos. Read this post to learn more.