Another Great Tool to Enhance Students' Reading Skills

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Actively Learn is an interesting interactive reading platform teachers can use to engage students in a wide variety of literacy activities and help them develop key reading skills. Actively Learn provides students with a distraction free environment that supports deeper learning. As a teacher, you can create a class and start assigning reading texts to your students. There are actually three ways to add students to your class: you can import rosters from Google Classroom, invite students to join using class codes, or import them from Clever.

Once your class is set up you can then use Actively Learn Catalog to add various types of content. Besides free content, the Catalog allows you to rent cross-curriculum texts and titles that are relevant to your classroom. You can also add your own content (You can add up to 3 Google Docs, Web Articles, and PDFs a month on the  free plan). Additionally, Actively learn supports differentiated instruction enabling you to create individualized reading assignments by embedding questions, notes and links directly into the text. ‘As students read and answer questions on Actively Learn, teachers can see student thinking, grade responses, and provide individual and timely feedback!’. To learn more about other interesting features provided by Actively Learn and explore how you can use the site to enhance your students reading skills, check out this page.
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