Two New Google Docs Features to Check Out

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This is a quick post to share with you these two important updates in Google Docs. In the next coming days Docs users will be able to insert and view section breaks in their documents. More specifically users will be able to add two genre of breaks: next or continuous breaks. Breaks are added where the cursor is placed and both of them can be accessed by clicking on Insert then Break. "To easily view where section breaks are located in your document, you can use the new show section breaks tool by going to View > Show section breaks. When Show selection breaks is enabled, you’ll see a blue dotted line where each section break is located."

The second important new feature is that of margins adjustment. Google Docs users are now able to adjust the margins of particular sections in their documents instead of the whole document. "If you don’t make a selection, the ruler will adjust the margins for the section that corresponds to the cursor location. Or, you can highlight multiple sections of your doc to be adjusted.
You can also adjust margins per-section by going to File > Page Setup."

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