Here Is A Very Good Tool for Creating Interactive and Collaborative Presentations

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Sutori (formerly Hstry) is a good tool for creating interactive multimedia projects such as presentations and timelines. It's an ideal tool for digital storytelling.  Students can use their creative skills to design and share digital stories with others. Stories can include uploaded photos, videos, audio clips and many more. Sutori supports real-time collaboration enabling students to collaboratively work on their projects. They can invite each other to view, comment or edit their stories. There are numerous ways students can share their stories: they can print them in PDF format, share them to Google Classroom, publish them in a blog or website through an embed code, or share them via  email.

Sutori works seamlessly with Google Drive allowing students to import and embed any file taken from Google Drive (e.g., Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Drawings). It also works with several other popular platforms including Twitter ( embed tweets into Sutori projects), ED-puzzle,, and Prezi. Sutori features a collection of educational resources and guides designed specifically for teachers showcasing the different ways teachers are using this tool in their classrooms.  For instance, you will learn about tips to create a great story; how to use Sutori with elementary students; how Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Arts, Music, and Language teachers are integrating Sutori in their teaching. To learn more about Sutori watch the video below