Here Is A Great YouTube Tool for Teachers and Educators

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A few years ago we reviewed ViewPure, an interesting web tool that enables you to watch YouTube videos in clutter and distraction-free space. ViewPure removes all the distractive features that accompany YouTube videos including ads, comments, and side-bar related videos. The way to use ViewPure is simple and easy: copy the URL of a YouTube video and paste it in the site's search box then click on Purify. To make things even easier, ViewPure offers a bookmarklet that lets you purify YouTube videos with a single click.

Since our first review ViewPure has added an interesting new feature designed specifically for teachers and educators. Teacher Resources is a new section where you can browse through and access educational video content curated specifically for educational purposes. These video resources are arranged into four main categories: high school, middle school, upper elementary, and preK-lower elementary. Each of these categories embed popular ViewPure video resources organized by subject. You may want to spend sometime browsing through the collection of purified videos there and see what works for your class.