Another Interesting Music Site for Teachers

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WURRLYedu is a content platform that delivers culturally relevant lesson plans and a comprehensive suite of tools to make music education fun, effective, and affordable for teachers and students. For teachers, WURRLYedu offers a content portal with lesson plans, an extensive music catalog and a library of video tips from Grammy Award-Winning Artists.

For students, WURRLYedu is a mobile and web platform containing thousands of popular songs across multiple genres, games, and recording capabilities. With WURRLYedu, students have all the resources necessary to discover, practice, and record music both inside and outside the classroom.

The company’s innovative approach increases student engagement, improves the development of both musical, social and emotional skills, while also providing teachers and administrations a clear view of the curriculum's effectiveness. WURRLYedu also solves for many of the barriers in music education including lack of resources, class time, accessibility, and a relevant curriculum.

WURRLYedu just launched  a series of music and ear training games, which can be played at school or at home, to enhance a student’s music listening ability while also making music lessons more entertaining.

Partners using WURRLYedu include the Public School District of Philadelphia, the California Department of Education, the Boy and Girls Clubs, Exceptional Children's Foundation, and the LAUSD Partnership schools.

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