A Must Have Guide to Help You Select and Evaluate Educational Apps

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If you are using apps in your instruction Apps in the Classroom is definitely a must have guide. It is designed by Apple Education to help teachers make the best of iOS apps in their teaching. Although the guide features only iOS Apps but its guidelines apply to all sorts of mobile technology. Apps in the Classroom features tips, examples, and general orientations to walk teachers through the process of selecting and evaluating educational apps.

The guide particularly focuses on five key factors teachers should attend to when selecting and assessing apps to use in class: These are: engagement, developmental appropriateness, instructional design, motivation, and accessibility. For each of these factors teachers are provided with a set of questions to help guide their selection process. For instance, to evaluate an app's engagement level teachers should be able to ask the following questions:
  • "Is the app inviting and does it give a good first impression?
  •  Is the app intuitive?
  •  Is the app one that students will return to often?
  •  Does the app open up new ways to learn? How does it let students do things they haven’t been able to before?"
Check out the full guide from this link. Enjoy
Screenshot source: Apps in the Classroom