10 Good Google Sheets Add-ons for Teachers

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Google Sheets add-ons' store embeds some really handy tools to use to expand and add new functionalities to your spreadsheets. We have reviewed several of these add-ons in the past and today we have curated for you this collection featuring some of the most popular Sheets add-ons out there. We invite you to check them out and, as always, share with us your feedback.

‘Flubaroo is a FREE add-on to Google Forms/Sheets which lets you quickly grade and analyze student performance on multiple choice and fill-in assignments. Within a minute you'll be able to:
  * Get scores for each student, and identify students in need of extra help.
  * View average score, and a histogram of scores.
  * Quickly identify questions which a majority of the students missed.
  * Email students their scores, along with optional notes to the class and/or to each student.
  * Assign your own score to open-ended questions.’

2- Doctopus

‘Doctopus gives teachers the ability to mass-copy (from a starter template), share, monitor student progress, and manage grading and feedback for student projects in Google Drive…Doctopus increases student collaboration and enables a powerful shift in teacher workflow --  scaling teachers' ability to manage and assess writing tasks and projects that motivate rich, authentic student production and collaboration (e.g. the development of core career, college, and 21st-century skills).’

3- Super Quiz

‘Super Quiz adds brilliant functionality to a quiz made with Google Forms. By completing the quiz once with an answer key, all future submissions are automatically graded correct or incorrect. What’s more - you can get a break down of class understanding and a list of incorrect students for each question - perfect for intervention!’

4- Online Rubric

‘Use Online Rubric for any assignment, including presentations, performance, and participation grades, and send grades to your students without the hassle and waste of paper and copiers.Online Rubric supports multiple emails for each student in the case of revisions and allows you to use previously created rosters and rubrics within the add-on.’

‘This add-on comes with two useful wizards. One will help you compare two different tables or columns and remove duplicates; the other will search for unique and duplicate rows within one sheet.’

6- Split Names

‘Enable this add-on for your sheets if you ever need to have first and last names in different columns. You can complete this task in a click: choose the name parts you need and click "Split" to have them pulled out to separate cells. That's it!’

7- Add Rows & Columns

‘With this add-on, you no longer have to add rows and columns one at a time. Just select a cell, select the menu option under "Add Rows & Columns", and add any number of rows or columns with a single click.’

8- Remove Blank Rows

Do you have Sheets that contain nagging blank rows and it takes a lot of time to delete or hide them and not to mention the risk of accidentally deleting the wrong rows? If you do, get this add-on to quickly get rid of them. Once you have the add-on, click the demo button to give it a try.

9- Insert and Delete Cells

‘This add-on creates menu items that allow you to easily insert blank cells in the middle of a spreadsheet, shifting the existing content down or to the right. It also allows you to delete cells in the middle of a spreadsheet, shifting in content up or left.’

'One-click solutions for daily tasks: split cells, remove duplicates, change case, find and clean up data, work with formulas & more. Power Tools add-on cuts the clicks on repeated tasks and brings features for organizing and unifying data in Google Sheets. '
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