10 Good Academic Search Engines for Teachers and Students

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If you haven't already seen it, here is a visual featuring what we believe are some of the best academic search engines for teachers and research students. Niche-specific content is usually not readily available through regular generic search engines. One example is the academic and scholarly content. While running a  search query about an academic topic through a generic search engine such as  Google would probably render fairly decent results, it, usually takes digging into so much fluff before finally landing on relevant results. This is where having access to topic-specific search engines comes in handy. Such search engines do not only provide specific content tailored to the topic under study but their content is more likely to be reliable and authoritative. To this end, we have compiled this list of excellent academic search engines that teachers, student researchers and academics can use to quickly locate and access scholarly works and publications.

10 Great Academic Search Engines for Research Students