Unleash Students Creativity Through Drawing- A Great Guide for Teachers

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This is the second post in the "Everyone Can Create" series. And as we have noted before, this  series features "interesting guides designed by Apple Education to help both teachers and students make the best of technology particularly mobile technology in their classes. These guides are for both beginner and experienced users. "The activities and projects encourage you to express yourself, develop your creative confidence, and reveal undiscovered abilities." Over the next few days we will be highlighting a number of these guides here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

After we have learned about the different apps and activities that can be used in class to enhance students musical skills, we are sharing with you another equally important guide titled "Everyone Can Create: Drawing". This resource is designed for use in class with students to help them become more expressive using art-based forms. Students will get to learn how to create: a sketch of an object, a sketchnote, an expressive word art, a still life, a logo, an infographic, expressive word art and many more. Students final products can be shared through an ebook. Check out the guide and share with us your feedback in our social media platforms.