Time Graphics- A Tool for Creating Multimedia Timelines

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Time Graphics is a good timeline maker for students and one that has been featured in AASL's best websites for teaching and learning 2018. Students can use Time Graphics for a variety of purposes including creating illustrative visualization to help with understanding a complex phenomena, designing a timeline of historical events or to temporally chronicle the development of particular process and many more. Visualization is a great way to enhance learning and deepen comprehension.

Timelines created through Time Graphics  can embed various types of media including, text, videos, visuals, charts and many more. Students can change timeline background, add numerous events, and customize and edit their timelines as they want. Timelines can also be downloaded in different formats (e.g., as PDF, Doc, PPT, TXT, PNG, JPG etc) or exported for offline viewing. There is also a huge library of pre-made timelines students can browse through.  However, while "public timelines are free, to be able to create private timelines or provide access to your timelines by link you should upgrade to Premium."