Our 2019 Collection of Drawing and Sketching Apps for Teachers and Students

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Below is a collection of iPad apps we have particularly curated for art lovers.  Students can use these applications to unleash their expressive power and enhance their creative thinking skills.  The apps feature a wide variety of tools and features (e.g.,built-in  brushes, fonts, stencils, text, shapes, and more) that make art-making a fun and engaging activity. Students can use them to doodle, draw, and sketch their artwork and share them with others.

1- ProtoSketch Lite

This is an excellent digital canvas to unleash students creativity. They can use it to create beautiful designs. ProtoSketch Lite is "Supercharged with icons, fonts, ui elements, basic and complex drag and drop shapes. It is easy to design anything from logo and icon to website and mobile app. Lossless vector graphics that you can scale infinitely and continue on your desktop."

2- Procreate

"This complete artist’s toolbox helps you create beautiful sketches, inspiring paintings, and stunning illustrations anywhere you are. Procreate features ground-breaking canvas resolution, 136 incredible brushes, an advanced layer system, and is powered by Silica M: the fastest 64-bit painting engine on iOS."

3- Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Another excellent app for art lovers. It offers a wide variety of powerful features that include: "24 built-in brushes with adjustable size, color, opacity and blending settings; stencils to outline and stamp curves and basic shapes including straight lines and circles; perspective and graph grids to help keep your art lined up properly; supports big printable 8K works," and many more.

4- Doodle Buddy

A great way to engage learners in art-based activities while having fun. Doodle Buddy allows you to draw your pictures and edit existing ones the way you like. You can draw on them; add text, colour, and background; draw circles, squares and triangles using stencils  and many more.

5- Doodle Art

"The easiest & user-friendly yet smooth, functional & a perfect app to draw, sketch & doodle. With the tools of this app you can create dazzling sketches, wonderful paintings and awesome illustrations!"

6- Drawing Pad

"Drawing Pad is a cool doodling app that allows you to draw, sketch, doodle while you are traveling or just relaxing a home...Drawing Pad comes with smooth erasing, undo, redo and specific brushes for a perfect Doodle."

7- Drawing Desk

"A unique collection of tools such as 3D brushes, NEON Brushes, Glitter brushes, Gradient brushes, Pattern brushes, Shapes, Typography tools, Realistic brush tools, Smooth eraser, Ruler, Smudge tool, Water Color, Paint roller and many more are waiting for you to provide great enjoyment in drawing sketching or painting. Drawing Desk is full of content to jump start your drawings or sketches such as Coloring Pages, Stickers, Stamps and many more."

8- Autodesk Sketchbook

The popular Autodesk has this wonderful app that provides access to a numerous sketching and drawing tools.