Here Is A Powerful App to Monitor Your Kids Phones

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SpyMyFone is  a leading web-based phone spy service for parental control and tracking locations of family members. Parents can use it to monitor their kids phones and stay in the know of what they are doing on their phones. SpyMyFone allows you to easily monitor phone calls (both incoming and outgoing), text messages (traditional short messages and iMessages), and instant messaging chats (access both received and sent text messages and their attachments on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Skype chats, Instagram DM, Viber, Tinder messages and many more). It can also help you retrieve the LINE chat history from the backup file. Watch this Android and iOS demos to see SpyMyFone in action.

SpyMyFone provides a collection of powerful features to help you control and monitor your kids phone and view all of its online and offline activities. Here is a quick round-up of these features:

  • Real-time location tracking: You can  record and view your kid's location)
  • Geofencing: It lets you set safe and forbidden zones and then monitor how often each zone is visited
  • Wi-Fi networks: Identify the recently connected WiFi networks an hotspots
  • Emails access: Read all the sent and recieved emails on your kid's phone
  • Browsing history: Check the websites your kids visit
  • Multimedia files: view all the photos, videos, and audio files stored on your kid's phone
  • Calendar events: Keep track and remotely monitor your kid's important events and activities
  • SIM card change: Enables you to know when a SIM card has been changed on your kid's phone
  • Schedule restriction: You are able to set time-based schedules to automatically lock the device 
  • App monitoring: Access all the apps installed on your kid's phone
  • App blocking: You can remotely block/unblock irrelevant apps or games
  • Live screenshots: Lets you remotely capture live screenshots of any Android device
  • Mobile Keylogger: Record every keystroke typed on texts, SMS, and other third-party messaging apps
  • Instant alerts: Enables you to set alerts for keyword, specific location, SIM change, contacts, etc.

The way SpyMyFone works is simple and easy: First, you need to create an account on SpyMyFone and subscribe the phone spy service on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Next, install and activate SpyMyFone on the target's phone (no need to install any app on the target iOS devices: iPad or iPhone). Now that everything is set up you can start viewing all the activities of the target device right from the control panel of your SpyMyFone account either on the web or from within the app. For more on how to use SpyMyFone, check out this user guide.

SpyMyFone is available for both Android and iOS.

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