Here Is A Handy Tool to Provide Students with Different Types of Feedback

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Qwiqr is another excellent web tool you can use to provide students with individual feedback using QR technology. It's particularly ideal for formative assessment allowing you to attend to students individualized needs and maximize their learning.  Qwiqr supports multiple forms of feedback including: audio, text, video, web links, and photo feedback. The way Qwiqr works is simple:

  • "Print a sheet of  stickers.
  • Attach a  sticker to any assessment, test paper or other document.
  • Scan the  sticker with a qrcode reader and follow the link.
  • Record your audio feedback, text message or web link and it will be permanently associated with that   sticker.
  • When your student scans the   sticker it will take them to your feedback." 

Depending on which version of iPhone, iPad or Android you use, you might need to download and install a QR code reader app. Regarding the security of students feedback, Qwiqr states that "There is no password required to access a published piece of Qwiqr feedback but it is necessary to have the correct code to access feedback...The codes are randomly assigned when stickers are printed, and the only way to find out which codes are valid is to try them. Testing 100 codes each second it would take approximately 300 million years.Anyone with access to the printed sticker can access the feedback, but this is also true with written feedback on student's work."

Qwiqr offers a free trial period of 30 days after which you need a premium account to continue using it. Other features provided by Qwiqr include:

  • "Edit feedback after publishing
  • Tag your feedback and track when it is scanned
  • Reprint published feedback
  • Reuse feedback with other students
  • Students can record their own response with  conversations."