Here Is A Great Tool to Enhance Students Digital Literacy Skills

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A few days ago we featured a number of interesting applications teachers can use to integrate Augmented Reality (AR) in their instruction. In today's post we are adding another equally important resource, a platform called CoSpaces Edu. Using their coding skills, students can use CoSpaces Edu to design their own 3D creations and explore them in Virtual or Augmented reality. CoSpace can be utilized with any content area (e.g, social science, Arts, STEM etc) and across different age groups.

CoSpaces Edu provides students with the necessary tools to create beautiful 3D creations. These include an intuitive canvas, pre-defined environments and moods, a library full of pre-made objects and characters, building blocks,  and many more. To add a personal touch to their creations, students can upload 3D models, images, videos and background sounds. CoSpaces Edu can be used in various educational activities. For instance, students can draw on their imagination and create a virtual world and populate it with 3D objects. It can also be used in virtual exhibitions. "Virtual exhibitions can easily be adapted to many subjects and lesson plans to fit the curriculum, from vocabulary learning to scientific exhibitions or art galleries. For even more fun, show your students how they can explore these in VR".

CoSpaces Edu also provides you with a platform where you can create classes and manage students. You can invite them to join your classes, organize them in groups and share with them assignments. It also lets you "track your students' progress online! Show how they handle the creation process and review their work in real-time from your teacher dashboard."

Click to see examples of how CoSpaces is being used in Social Sciences, STEM and Coding, and Languages and Art.