CrosswordLabs- A Simple Tool to Create Crossword Puzzles for Your Students

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Crossword puzzles are a great way to develop students vocabulary skills and enhance their learning. There are numerous web tools and mobil apps that you can use to create crossword games for your class and one of our favourite tools in this regard is CrosswordLabs. This is a simple, free  and student friendly platform that allows you to design, print, and solve crossword puzzles online. CrosswordLabs was built by Matt Johnson who also built JeopardyLabs and Bingo Baker we reviewed last week.

Creating a crossword on CrosswordLabs is easy. You head over to its homepage and use the template provided there. Type in the words and their clues. To protect the answer keys you can create a passcode and once you are done click on 'Generate' button.  Next, review your crossword puzzle and click on 'Edit' if you want to modify it or 'Save' to save it. "You can view the crossword as a PDF or Microsoft Word document by clicking one of the buttons labeled "PDF" or "Word" on the crossword puzzle page." You can also click on 'Share' button to share your crossword on social media platforms. Alternatively, you can access crosswords created by others by clicking on "Find a Crossword" button on top of the page. Give CrosswrodLabs a try and share with us your feedback.