Another Great Resource for Social Studies Teachers

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NewseumEd provides a wide variety of educational resources to "enhance media literacy skills essential to civic life". These resources include : videos, primary source materials, standards-aligned lesson plans, digital artifacts, maps, timelines and many more. NewseumEd also offers virtual classes and professional development for teachers and educators. To access NewseumEd materials you need to register, registration is free.

NewseumEd resources are arranged into different tabs. For instance, under Collections, you will get to explore "rare archival materials, primary sources, interactives and standards-aligned lesson plans to provide an immersive learning experience." You can also use the integrated search functionality to browse NewseumEd materials. You can filter your search by type of tool (e.g., lesson plan, video, critical debate, polls, themes, etc), by topic ( e.g., civil war, politics, war, current events, media ethics etc), and by grade.
Courtesy of AASL