An Interesting Way to Easily Find Email Addresses

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Hunter is a popular Chrome extension that helps you find emails online. We have tried it couple of times and it worked precisely as described. It has also received many positive reviews in Chrome Web Store. The way Hunter works is simple and easy, you install the extension on your browser and when you visit a website click on the icon to fetch information about the site including public email addresses, phone numbers, names, and social networks. "The email addresses are marked verified or returned with confidence scores. If an email address is not verified yet, you can do it by clicking the checkmark icon next to it."

Alternatively, you can use Hunter' s integrated search functionality to look for email addresses of specific people. Type in the name of the person and Hunter will provide their public email addresses  together with a confidence score and sources. Hunter provides features to make it easy for you to save email addresses and contact people. While Hunter is free to install, it only supports 50 searches per month but you can upgrade for more. Also, you need to sign up with Hunter to use it, registration is free.