A Wonderful Planner App for Student

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iStudiez Pro is an excellent planner app for students. It provides an interesting collection of features that help students better organize their daily school life. The integrated planner can be used to "input and easily manage all types of schedules including classic, alternating (A and B weeks), rotating and block schedule." Students can also use it to keep track of their courses, add details about their courses and instructors (e.g., emails, office hours, phone numbers, holiday hours, cancelled courses etc). Using colour labels students can mark class types and distinguish specific courses.

There is also a separate section in iStudiez Pro where students get to keep track of their assignments and homework. Assignments can be organized by date, priority, pending and completed. The integrated GPA calculator enables students to track their grades and GPA based on input from exams and assignments. Other important features provided by iStudiez Pro include : calendars integration ("you can choose to see third-party calendar events in iStudiez Pro. OR, you can share iStudiez Pro schedule into your calendars and share it with your classmates, friends, parents); Today view ("updates your current schedule in the real-time mode"); and Apple Watch integration. As for the pricing, the main functions of iStudiez Pro are free, however, multi-platform Cloud Sync requires a subscription  which can be done on a weekly, monthly or annual plan.