A Great Tool to Help Teachers Create Engaging Video Content

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Typito is a web tool that allows you to create professional videos in simple and easy ways. As a teacher you can use it to design instructional videos and explainers.  You don't need advanced video editing skills to start using Typito. It provides a huge library of motion graphic templates to choose from. It also offers free access to 600,000 images that you can easily integrate in your videos. Using Typito enables you to create videos for various types of events including news, food vlogging, sports, travel and many more.

Some of the features provided by Typito include:

  • Add overly images on any media
  • Use your own specifications to create custom formats
  • 'Crop or reposition your video clip so that it remains perfectly framed on a square, vertical or widescreen video.'
  • Add an edit text on top of the video
  • The ability to edit the text the way you want. You can reposition and resize text, adjust text spacing (both horizontal and vertical spacing), change font style and text alignment, change color and opacity of text
  • Animate text and overlay elements
  • Add background for text
  • Animate images on Timeline
  • Upload your own audio or music track

Typito is also integrated with Facebook and Youtube allowing you to directly upload your finished products there. To use Typito you need to sign up. Also, Typito is not free and comes in 3 pro versions, check out this page to learn more about their pricing.
Courtesy of AASL