A Great Periodic Table App for Students

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Elementium is a great periodic table app that is free today and only for a limited period of time. Elementium helps you explore and understand chemical elements using a wide variety of educational resources. Each element is linked to a Wikipedia entry and a further link for more details. Students can search for elements by symbol, name, mass or number or use Spotlight to directly search and access information about elements.  Each of the elements comes with the following information:

  • "Symbol, name, and number
  • Atomic mass (average values suggested by IUPAC)
  • Electronegativity (Pauling scale)
  • Electron configuration
  • Atomic radius (non-bonded, in Ångströms)
  • Melting and boiling points (Kelvins)
  • Year of discovery
  • State at STP."
"Elements are laid out in a clear and concise manner that adapts to your device and how you use it. A beautiful, color-coded table helps you quickly distinguish which elements are which and their relevant classifications. View the entire table at once with compact view (18 groups across) or scroll through with the traditional view (32 groups across)...Add the Periodic Table widget to your device's Today View for even quicker, easier access and reference to the Periodic Table."

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free