7 New EdTech Tools for Teachers

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Back to you with another compilation of some new interesting educational web tools to help you make the best of technology in your teaching. Some of the things you can accomplish using these tools include: share large files with colleagues, check your text for plagiarism, track your to-do lists and stay updated about your important projects, manage your time and enhance your digital productivity, create and share various forms of flowcharts, access a wide collection of book recommendations from successful people, improve your video watching experiences, and many more.

1- Upload Express

This is a website that lets you easily share large files. You simply drag and drop files into the site's uploader and grab the link to share with others. Uploaded files are expired after 7 days. Pro version offers way more features.

2- Free Online Plagiarism Checker

"FreePlagiarismChecker.pro is plagiarism scanner that detects plagiarism in your text. [This] free checking engine will scan your text and tell you if it contains duplicate content."

3- When Did I...?

"When did you last change your sheets? Did you take your take your multivitamin today? When Did I…? lets you track when you do things so you can answer these questions and more. Choose from our suggested Actions or add your own so you can keep on top of things you’ve done. From things you do every day, to things you only do once a year, the sky’s the limit."

4- Zen Flowchart

This is a web tool that lets you create simple and beautiful flowcharts. Some of its features include: a clutter-free workspace, smart connectors to link numerous nodes, various styling options to customize your chart, download your final product as a PNG or publish it live.

5- Founder Books
"The following is a compilation of the books recommended by over 100 founders and makers in tech, compiled from various sources. These are some of the books that most influenced or helped their professional careers, sorted by the number of recommendations. Included is a link to each book's page, along with a list of the people who recommend that book. You can search the list by book name, authors, or founder name."

6- Captions: Live Transcription

"Whether you are in a meeting, on a bus or you're deaf, this app will help you watch videos in environments where you shouldn't play something loud by creating live subtitles and translations.'

7- Workshop Timer

This is an excellent Timer tool to help you manage your time and enhance your productivity. It is web based and does not require a sign-up or software download.
This list is curated from Product Hunt