4 Educational Apps Are Free Today- Grab Them

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Apps Gone Free is back again after almost a year of absence.  As most of you know, Apps Gone Free posts feature educational apps that are on sale (usually in the Canadian and American iTunes App stores) for a particular period of time. We curate these apps from the popular AppAdvice platform. In this week's selection, we have curated for you two language apps, a music app, and a photo editing app. Check them out and see if they work for you.

1- Preposition Builder Master

"Learn prepositions in English and grammar free by putting the prepositions in place to form correct sentences and sayings. Preposition Master is a fun and educational game for kids and English language students of all ages who want to learn and improve their language skills in a more entertaining way."

2- EarForge

"EarForge is an app that can help you achieve the perfect ears and improve your sense of pitch with our well-designed training program."

3- idyoma

"idyoma is a community for like minded language learners eager to reach fluency in whatever language they hope to master. The app is and will always be free. This is possible as we present you with language learners nearby who already speak the language you want to learn and are looking to learn the language you already know. This way you can take turns speaking in each other's’ native languages, mutually benefiting. This form of language exchange allows for the perfect opportunity for users to learn about each other's cultures and backgrounds. The app works particularly well when traveling."

4-  PixelWakker

"Pixelwakker is one of the most creative photo effects apps available on the iPhone. Inspired by great art from impressionist pointillism to contemporary masters, PixelWakker breaks down your pixels into art. PixelWakker has a creative suite of effects that you won't find anywhere else. Since most of the effects are vector based, you can output a PDF and scale it with unlimited clarity."

Source: Apps Gone Free