New- Apple Education Released An Important Guide for Music Teachers and Students

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GarageBand is a powerful music studio and one we have been recommending for teachers and students over the last few years. Using GarageBand, students are able to create their own music and audio stories and share their creations with the world. To help the education community tap into the education potential of GarageBand Apple Education has recently released this interesting guide  titled 'Everyone Can Create Music' together with a special guide for teachers called 'Everyone Can Create Teacher Guide'. The guide is "designed this guide to encourage students to create songs, find their voices, and bring ideas to life through sound. The Teacher Guide includes lesson ideas for integrating music into subjects like math, coding, science, literature, social studies, and history."

1- Everyone Can Create: Music

"Everyone Can Create is for everyone — both beginners and experienced artists alike. The activities and projects encourage you to express yourself, develop your creative confidence, and reveal undiscovered abilities. Each chapter of Everyone Can Create: Music takes you through a series of fun activities to help you acquire key skills and build a final project. Here’s what you’ll learn how to make in this guide:

  • A short musical piece
  • Your own remix
  • A two-part drum groove 
  • An instrumental song
  • An original rap
  • An original song"

2- Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide

"Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide is designed to help educators integrate creative skills into the topics and subjects they teach every day. It’s the companion to the Everyone Can Create collection of project guides that contain self-paced activities that teach students how to express themselves through drawing, music, video, and photo. The guide includes 300 ideas on how you can apply the projects in five curricular areas: math, literacy and literature, history and social studies, science, and coding. We’ve developed the ideas to emphasize learning objectives that we know deepen student learning: real-world engagement, communication and creation, teamwork, critical thinking, and personalized learning. You’ll also find rubrics you can use as guidelines for evaluating the projects in each medium."