Instructables- A Good Website to Promote Project-based Learning

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Instructables is an educational website and mobile app where you can have access to a treasure trove of instructional videos and how-to guides covering a wide variety of topics from science experiments to amazing inventions. If you need some new ideas for your next classroom maker project, Instructables offers a library of over 100k of do-it-yourself projects created and shared by members of the community which amount to 2 million members.  Additionally, you and your students can create your own projects and upload them to the site and share your ideas with other teachers.

Instructables has a special section for teachers where you can browse for projects created by other teachers and which you can use with your students in class. ‘Instructables supports teachers by providing free pro memberships and awesome project ideas for your classroom. It provides plug and play hands-on projects to let you supplement your curriculum with the best projects that other teachers have to offer. You don't need to be a traditional classroom teacher to participate, either. If you are an after-school teacher, a scouting leader, a librarian who runs programs, or anyone whose job is explicitly educational, you are invited to participate.’

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