Here Is How to Easily Animate Objects in Your Keynote Slides

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Keynote is one of our favourite free applications that enable users to create beautiful presentations. We have been using it consistently for the last few years and have been very content with its usability. There are some viable alternatives to try out, especially for those who do not use Apple products, one of them is Google Slides. However, Keynote stands out with its arsenal of distinctive features.  If you are new to Keynote we would recommend these guides to help you explore its numerous tips and tricks. For those of you already conversant with its utility, we have this important resource from Apple that shows you how to animate objects in your Keynote slides.

The guide walks you through the different steps required to "Emphasize your words and objects with animations like rotate, blink, and more. You can even move things around the slide for a unique visual impact." Instructions are provided for Keynote for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Using this guide you will learn how to create and edit a motion path, how to customize an animation, arrange and remove builds, animate an object and many more. Check it out and share with us your feedback.

Image source: Apple Support