Another Interesting Math Tool for Teachers

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Mathspace is another great math resource we want to draw your attention to in this post. This award-winning platform combines three useful functionalities: an online maths textbook, workbook and mark book. Students can use Mathspace to get help with their math problems. It allows them to work on online math exercises and get instant feedback at each step in the process. Mathspace also provides ‘a bank of over 15,000 interactive questions covering everything from addition to algebra, geometry to graphing, probability to statistics.’

As a computer-based system, Mathspace has been used across a wide variety of schools and from the testimonies shared on the website, it seems that Mathspace is really doing a great job enhancing math instruction and learning. Here are some interesting features Mathspace offers to teachers:

  • Keep a complete record of each students’ work, marked automatically line-by-line. Drill down by class or by student right down to each step of every problem.
  • Mathspace’s adaptive learning technology analyzes real-time data from thousands of questions at the step-level to automatically select the most appropriate problems for your students.
  • Mathspace comes with a built-in, printable e-textbook loaded with thousands of videos, geogebra applets and 15,000+ questions — all with full worked solutions.
  • Target specific learners by creating an unlimited number of groups within your class with our one step class codes.
  • Write seamlessly on tablets/mobiles with our highly accurate handwriting recognition or use our intuitive typing interface on a laptop.
Mathspace is also available for iPad, Android and Windows.