An Excellent Platform for Immersive Digital Storytelling with Students

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Google Spotlight Stories is a wonderful application that combines the power of storytelling with the technology of virtual reality. It's a project designed by artists and technologists that aims at exploring the art of narrative storytelling in the light of the affordances provided by emerging technologies. Using Google Spotlight Stories will enable students to get immersed in a VR world where they watch and explore immersive stories in 360. These stories can be experienced with a VR headset (e.g. Daydream and Cardboard) or on the screen of your their devices. Headphones can make the viewing experience even better.

Among the VR-animated stories included in this project are Age of Sail "directed by academy award-winning filmmaker John Kahrs and featuring the voice of Ian McShane". There is also Piggy (directed by Jan Pinkava & Mark Oftedal); Back to The Moon (directed by Fx Goby and Hélène Leroux); Son Jaguar (directed by Jorge Gutierrez); Special Delivery (directed by Tim Ruffle) and many more. Google Spotlight Stories is available for Android and iOS