A New Pinterest Guide for Teachers and Students

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Pinterest is among some of the best social bookmarking platforms out there. It has been particularly popular among the education community. From creating collaborative boards to saving and sharing relevant resources, Pinterest proves to be a powerful educational tool with "over 500,000 education-related pins are saved to Pinterest every day", according to  USC Rossier. We have already featured Pinterest in several of our previous posts here in EdTech and mLearning, but today we are sharing with you this new resource from USC Rossier, which is a handy guide to help you, teachers and educators, tap into the educational potential of this social bookmarking platform.

"The Guide to Pinterest for Educators" is published by the USC Rossier School of Education. This guide was designed by Leah Anne Levy, a noted author and education expert, as a handbook with today's digitally literate educators in mind. It includes multiple articles on how to use Pinterest to collaborate with other educators, connect with students, curate content and more. I believe that this would be an inspiring and useful resource for your community, as it provides teachers with the tools to leverage Pinterest as a powerful learning tool."