8 New EdTech Web Tools for Teachers and Educators

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We are back to you with another collection of new educational tools to try out in your instruction.  The purpose is to help you make the best of technology in your teaching and enhance students learning. You may want to check them out and see which ones work for you.

1- Pikwizard

Pikwizard provides access to over 100,000 free images with more images added on a daily basis.

2- Vimeo Showcase

Vimeo has recently released a new service called Vimeo Shocase to help users show off their video across different devices. Showcase " provides a toolkit to create custom viewing experiences for your audience, wherever they may be." Some of the features you will be able to access include the ability to create a portfolio or video site , embeddable playlists, TV apps, and more.

3- Mudeo
"mudeo is a social, multi-track music video recorder. It enables you to easily collaborate on multi-track music videos. One artist can start a song and then any other artist can edit it to add their own tracks."

4- Flowcv

Flowcv, as its name indicates, is a web tool that enables you to create resume. It provides various designs and a powerful editor. Free PDF download is also included.

5- Taskade

"Get yours organized with Taskade. Make lists, capture ideas, and collaborate in group workspaces to supercharge your team productivity."

6- Flixier

"With Flixier you can render any video using any device in under one minute...It offers advanced video editing features, streamlined collaboration, and plenty of cloud storage – all in the browser."

7- Simplify Gmail

This is an excellent extension created by Michael Leggett (co-founder of Google Inbox) to simplify Gmail interface to the bare minimum. It is a "Chrome extension that brings the simplicity of Google Inbox to Gmail."

8- JustSketchMe

This is a "A free interactive character posing tool for figure drawing...JustSketchMe was built by a duo of game developers who realise that having a wooden mannequin for dynamic poses and posing on hand all the time is fairly inconvenient. It is for figure sketching, fashion design, comic illustration, and whatever else you can think of."

Source: Producthunt