6 Great iPad Apps to Enhance Kids Spelling and Word Recognition Skills

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Learning can be effective when it embeds elements of creative fun. This is particularly the case with the selected apps below. They provide students with an engaging learning environment where they get to enhance their spelling practice and develop word recognition skills. The apps include interactive games, challenging puzzles, colourful graphics, audio prompts, word pronunciations, animations and many more. Some of these apps also provide progress tracking services as well as instant grading. We invite you to check them out and share with us your feedback.

1- Spelling 1-2

"A great app to help good spellers become great spellers and struggling spellers succeed. This fantastic software includes over 2,000 first and second grade level words, plus personal spelling lists that can be added while they play."

2- Kids Spelling Fun

"A self paced educational learning app that teaches children how to spell more than 500 common English words. The learning process is accomplished in three stages: learning, practise and checking."

3- DoodleSpell

"DoodleSpell builds the spelling confidence of your 5-11 year old with a work programme tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. Using Proxima™, the same award-winning technology that powers DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish, progression in spelling is guaranteed."

4- Spelling Shed

"Designed by a team of primary school teachers, with primary school students, teachers and parents in mind this spelling app has been created with the key National Curriculum spelling objectives in mind and will take children through the statutory and non-statutory spelling lists in each age phase."

5- Squeebles Spelling Test

"Spelling Test by Squeebles is an app aimed at helping 5 to 11 year old children practise their spellings in a fun, motivating environment. It allows you to set up your own personalised spelling tests, as well as download from over 150 pre-recorded tests based on the UK national curriculum, containing over 1800 words."

6- Phonics Spelling Dictionary

"The Phonics Spelling Dictionary app uses the word list and images from Oxford University Press’ popular Phonics Spelling Dictionary and makes them easily accessible on your phone and tablet. It orders words according to their initial sounds, which helps children using synthetic phonics to become proficient readers and spellers."