A Handy Sketching and Annotating Tool for Students

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Clarisketch is an interesting app that enables you to create animated sketches by combining speech, drawing and photos. As a teacher, you can use Clarisketch to create flipped classroom videos, explain a complex process or illustrate a given topic using both annotated commentary and recorded audio. You will be able to walk the students through your explanations using features such as highlights, drawings and audio prompts.

There are three ways to create  an animated sketch on  Clasrisketch. You can either grab a photo using your phone or tablet camera , import a photo from your photo library, or use a blank canvas. You can start annotating your picture by drawing on it, adding lines and shapes, highlighting specific parts, while recording your own voice as you work. The finished product is a screen recording of your sketch which you can then share with others  via email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or other social networks. The shared sketch can be played in any browser and without the receivers having to install Clarisketch.

Clarisketch works on Android operated devices as well as Chromebooks.

Courtesy of EdTech Review
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