3 Educational Science Resources to Use in Your Class

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Here are three more resources for science teachers and students. These resources are featured here for the first time. The first one in the list,  Mystery Science, is particularly helpful for elementary teachers seeking science lesson plans and activities to use with students in class. The rest are iPad apps students can use to enhance their science learning in different aspects that include: vocabulary, games, quizzes, hands-on activities and many more.

1-  Mystery Science

Mystery Science is a cool website that provides elementary teachers with with a variety of lessons to inspire kids to love science. Each lesson starts with a short video, followed by comprehension questions and a hands-on activity.

2- DIY Human Body

‘Includes over a dozen easy to use, hands-on activities to learn about the human body and your health. Each activity includes step-by-step instructions that have been tested by educators, kids, and families. The activity materials are widely available and inexpensive—you probably have many of them in your home.’

3- Science Facts

‘Carefully worded, straightforward questions make this a great tool for English language learners (ELL/ESL) acquiring basic science vocabulary, as well as young English-speaking readers. Our specially designed quiz engine not only shows you the correct answer when you make a mistake, it randomly selects and occasionally repeats questions, just to make sure you're paying attention.’
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