Google Voice Guide for Teachers

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Google Voice is a great communicational utility with huge educational potential. As a teacher, you can use Google Voice to obtain a phone number to use when communicating with students and parents without you revealing your personal phone number. You can connect your Google Voice number with  multiple phone numbers (e.g landline number, mobile number, work number) and have incoming calls routed to all of these numbers simultaneously. You can also select a single number to forward all your incoming calls to.

The voicemail features of Google Voice are also wonderful. All voicemails are recorded and transcribed. Only  transcription of English messages is available for now.You can set up your voicemail so you get voicemails emailed straight to your Gmail account. Also, voicemails are available as audio files that can be saved and embedded into a website or blog or used in audio editing tools such as Garageband or Audacity to create audio files for classroom projects.

From language teaching to storytelling, Google Voice can be used in a variety of ways with  students. We have compiled for you a list of some very good reads to you help learn more about how you can integrate Google Voice in your own teaching. But before that, here are some good video tutorials covering some of the features provided by Google Voice.

1- What is Google Voice?

2- Voicemail Transcription

3- One Number

4- SMS to Email

5- Share Voicemails

6- Conference Calls

7- Mobile App