A New Survey Creator Tool to Try Out

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Poll Animal is a web tool that enables you to easily create and share surveys and polls. Poll Animal is simple and easy to use and provides a wide variety of interesting features that will definitely enhance your survey creation experience. Some of these features include the ability to create as many surveys as you want, customization of questions (e.g., you can change the settings of your questions to render them either compulsory or optional. If you make your questions compulsory respondents wont be able to skip them), multiple question types, and the ability to share your surveys via generated links as well as on social media.

The process of creating a online survey through Poll Animal is simple. You head over to the tool's homepage and create an account, registration is free. Once you are logged in, click on 'create new survey' in 'My Surveys' board. Next, fill out the provided form with your own data."In the survey settings you can mark, if you want, that results would be shown to respondents, get replies by email or allow multiple responses from one computer and save it". In the questions section, you can choose which type of questions you want to integrate and add as many questions as you want. Once your survey is ready you can make it public and share it with others through a generated link or on social media platforms.

Poll Animal can be used for a variety of educational purposes. As a teacher, you can use it for formative assessment. You can survey your students on a particular lesson you taught to identify students learning needs and collect their feedback on relevant topics. As a student, you can use Poll Animal, for instance, to "gather statistic information for your academic papers" and many more. There is a free basic version of Poll Animal with limited features, for more advanced features you can upgrade to the premium version.

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