A Handy Note Taking App for Teachers and Students

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Use Your Handwriting (UYH) is  an excellent app that turns your iPad into a personal notebook. The app is now free for a limited time, it’s regular price is $9,99.  This gold version of the app comes with a variety of advanced features that make your digital handwriting a super easy task. You can easily finger write quick notes and messages on your iPad  and save or share them with others. For those of you interested in creating artistic and colourful notes for special occasions (e.g greetings, birthdays..etc), UYH does a perfect job. It has special multicolour lists to bring out the artist in you.

Other interesting features provided by UYH include:

Beautiful Calligraphic Writing Styles: 
You can choose between five different writing styles to enhance your calligraphy

UYH provides you with a unique calendar where you can annotate days with handwritten notes.

UYH allows you to create lists and sublists and include as many notes as you want.

Cloud Syncing
“You can sync notes across any number of devices via www.myuyh.com. You can even publish your notes as web pages and view them online. The website lets you view your notes in several formats suitable for brainstorming and mind mapping.”

Watch this short video to see how UYH works.

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