6 Good TED Ed Talks for Language Teachers

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Language is an amazing communicative phenomenon that has picked the interest of linguists and scientists across different disciplines. While we do share with other animals the ability to communicate using a language form of some sort, communicating using a linguistic code in the form of encoded script remains the preserve of human beings. In fact, language in its linguistic written form is behind the development of humankind from primitive agrarian societies to highly technologized mobs.

To shed light on some of the amazing features that characterize language, we are sharing with you this collection of TED Ed videos covering  some interesting linguistic phenomena. Have a look and share with us what you think of them.

1- How languages evolve - Alex Gendler

2- The linguistic genius of babies - Patricia Kuhl

3- What we learned from 5 million books - Erez Lieberman Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel

4- Making sense of spelling - Gina Cooke

5- How did English evolve? - Kate Gardoqui

6- Redefining the dictionary - Erin McKean

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