Two Great Text to Speech Extensions to Use with Students

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Below are two of the best text to speech apps out there. We have already reviewed these apps in previous posts and today we have them in one list for you to try and choose the one you like. These add-ons have integrated iSpeech technology which allows them to read any text you select for them. Watch the attached videos to see how each one of them works.

1- SpeakIt
SpeakIt is an excellent Chrome extension that you can use to convert text into speech. It supports over 50 languages and its auto-detection functionality allows it to automatically identify the language of your text and reads it out loud for you.To use SpeakIt, install it on your Chrome from this page.After installation you will have to restart your Chrome so SpeakIt can function correctly. Once relaunched, simply select the text that you want to be read for you then click the SpeakIt icon to to start listening. You can stop listening at anytime by clicking on pause.

Watch this video to learn more about SpeakIt

Yet another TTS (text to speech) extension, with natural voice. Tired of reading long text? why not convert text to speech so that you can hear the text on websites? This extension helps you select and speak text in your browser with the following two advantages: (1) Voice Instead uses TTS (text to speech) engine in human voice quality. (2) Voice Instead enables extremely long text to be read by a single click without a long delay, and the speech is very smooth! (3) Voice Instead supports 10+ languages.
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