Important Chrome Tips for Teachers

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Chrome is a powerful web browser to use for navigating the net. It is also popular among the education community as is evident from the huge interaction we receive each time we write about it. Chrome has a wide range of interesting features that make it ideal for educational uses. One of these features is third party extensions.There are some really useful educational extensions you and your students can use on Chrome to perform a number of things from saving numerous tabs in a single page to annotating and editing screenshots. Check out this page for some of our recommendations for Chrome educational extensions. You can also check Chrome Help section for more resources and guides on everything related to Chrome.

We are also sharing with you this list of video tutorials covering some handy tips on how to use different features on Chrome. Check them out below:

1- Translating web pages in Chrome

2- Using Chrome's Incognito mode

3- Using Chrome on different devices

4-Three tips for spotting malware

5- Chrome's settings, your way

6- Keeping Chrome updated

7- Clear cache and cookies in Google Chrome

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