Challenging Coding Games for Kids

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Yesterday when posted about Code Blast, which is a coding app for iPad, somebody requested an app that could do the same but on Android.Of course there are several titles out there but the one I would recommend the most is Tynker. This is basically a visual programming language designed to assist kids learn how to program and code by soling puzzles, building interactive apps and games. Tynker works both on Android and iPad.

Some of the interesting features Tynker provides  include:
  • Learn coding by solving over 200 puzzles
  • Design and create interactive games and animations
  • Offline access
  • Create classrooms with multiple students accounts
  • Monitor students progress
  • Create and publish a class showcase with best student projects
Google Kickstarter Guides has this wonderful guide explaining in-depth how you can use this app in your classrooms.

Watch the video below to learn more about Tynker

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