A Wonderful Platform to Help Students Explore World Cultures and Arts

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Google Cultural Institute is a great resource with huge educational potential. We have already reviewed it when it was first launched a couple of years ago and since then new features and materials have been added to the platform. Google Cultural Institute puts ‘the world’s cultural treasures at your fingerprints’ allowing you to explore the historical museums and monuments right from the comfort of your own place.

Google works closely with several institutes and cultural organizations from around the globe to bring together historical and cultural artefacts for online access. Students can take virtual tours into different museums and explore exhibitions. They can also use the search functionality in the website to look for detailed  information on  a particular cultural artefact, a historical event or figure and many more.

You can also open an account on Google Cultural Institute so you can create  your own galleries and save your favourite items and collections to it. You can share your collections with friends on Google Plus.The three main resources provided by Google Cultural Institute include:

1- Art Project
This is where you get to “discover diverse art collections from around the world (and) explore artworks at incredible detail, view exhibitions, and take virtual tours”.

2-Historic Moments
“Explore online exhibitions detailing the stories behind significant moments in human history.”

3- World Wonders
“World Wonders brings modern and ancient world heritage sites online using Street View and Google Technologies”

Watch the video below to learn more about Google Cultural Institute

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