Teaching Math the Way Students Learn

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Personalized learning pathways are key to student success. No student learns the same, so no student should be taught the same. Adapting to the individual needs of each student accelerates learning and ensures mastery. Math is one of these subjects in which students learn the material differently, therefore differentiated instruction is necessary to help students progress on their learning path.

ALEKS is an adaptive math solution that uses artificial intelligence to identify and provide instruction on the topics each student is ready to learn. ALEKS is personalized, focused, and insightful; the software creates personalized learning pathways that lead every student to mastery by offering students topics selected specifically for them, then providing actionable data to guide instruction with reports to show individual student progress. 

ALEKS creates personalized learning through a three-phase cycle of assessment, personalized learning, and continuous reinforcement. Students are assessed for initial placement to determine where they are on their learning path. Students are then given their own ready-to-learn topics including unique problems, detailed explanations, and open-response problems. Throughout the process, students are monitored to measure retention, recheck their knowledge, and provide proper remediation. 

Developed by cognitive scientists, ALEKS is the product of decades of research conducted at top universities with support from the National Science Foundation. By combining adaptive learning technology and comprehensive progress monitoring, ALEKS accommodates the unique learning style of each student while still aligning with state and national standards to maximize results. For more information, visit aleks.com.
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