Propel Student Achievement to the Next Level with Tiered Curriculum Solutions

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The path to academic mastery is different for every student. Students struggle or excel in their own, unique ways and holistic K-12 curriculum programs should be designed to accommodate learners at all levels. By providing all students with the enrichment, remediation, acceleration, and challenges they need, each learner gains the best chance at reaching his or her true potential.

Many schools offer multiple types of academic support for students coming in at all levels, but many districts and schools are challenged with providing comprehensive coverage for all learners, especially when teacher capacity is limited.

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a comprehensive, district- and school-wide framework that provides consistent, high-quality, standards-based instruction and interventions that may be accessed as needed to address the individual needs of each student. MTSS prescribes a hierarchy for delivering academic support across three tiers of instruction, based on the individual level of each student.

McGraw-Hill Education provides Tiered Solutions comprising a comprehensive range of K-12 curriculum programs that advance MTSS and Response to Intervention (RTI) frameworks. Equitable instruction based on a blend of core and specialized curriculum programs, combined with assessment resources and professional learning helps educators create, transform and sustain the academic infrastructure needed for effective MTSS and RTI implementations. Tiered Solutions can enrich a district’s MTSS and RTI action plans with evidence-based, differentiated instruction, and targeted support for all students’ academic needs, in all school and classroom settings.

Tiered Solutions can bolster school improvement plans with measurable results, empower teachers, and propel student achievement. To learn more, visit
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