Here Is A Simple Way to Convert PDFs to Word Documents in Google Drive

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There are different ways to convert PDF files to Word documents. A quick search in Google brings up a number of web tools some of which are free. We tried out  some of these tools and found them just a waste of time. The most reliable way to convert PDFs to Word or to any other file format is Adobe Acrobat Pro version (costs around $24).But there is also a free and easy way to do your file conversion through Google Drive. This hack only works with PDF files that are not too large. Also, diagrams and tables embedded in PDFs do not turn out good in the converted version. Other than that, this Google Drive functionality is a good alternative to many conversion tools out there. Below is a step-by-step guide to show you how to convert PDFs to Word documents using Google Drive

1- Upload the PDF into your Google Drive.
2- In Google Drive, right click on the PDF file and select ‘Open with’ then click on ‘Google Docs’.

3- The PDF file will open as a Google document. Click on ‘File’, scroll down to ‘Download as’ and select Microsoft Word (.docx)

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