Achieving Universal Student Success K-8

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While a strong core curriculum is essential for every classroom, finding appropriate resources  to differentiate and scaffold instruction effectively is also very important. A supplemental program that meets every student at their level and challenges them with  the right of instruction to be successful can complement core instruction to boost  every learner’s skill and confidence in math.

Arrive Math Booster makes on-level learning for pre-Algebra students more accessible by:
  • Extending the teacher’s reach through data-collecting, digital mini-lessons
  • Supporting teacher-led support through hands-on small-group lessons
  • Providing opportunities for fluency practice and discourse through purposeful game-play
With Arrive Math Booster, students in grades K-8 receive instruction through hands-on lessons and board games. Each lesson across the grade levels is broken down into single skill sets  to help  correct misconceptions, building to full standard understanding for every student. The program targets learning gaps before they occur and provides appropriate instruction early and effectively. Explicit modeling, interactive practice, and data collection are  accomplished during independent work time.

Equitable access to instruction manifests itself in today’s elementary and middle classrooms through various strategies and implementation models. Using multi-modal resources, Arrive Math Booster complements core instruction and accommodates various learning and expression styles to support the needs of a diverse student population.
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