6 Interesting Geography Apps for Students

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Below is a collection of some good iPad apps to help students learn more about the world, its geography, cultures, wildlife, nations and many more.  The apps are also a great way to get students engaged in collaborative group learning where they get to work together on solving geography puzzles quizzes. We invite you to check them out and share with us your feedback.

1- Barefoot World Atlas

‘It’s never been easier to explore the world’s continents, great oceans and changing environments. As you travel from country to country, you’ll meet different people from around the planet and find out about their way of life. With the tap of a finger, you can encounter amazing wildlife, and discover famous landmarks, fantastic natural features and remarkable buildings.’

2- TapQuiz Maps World Edition

‘Play TapQuiz™ Maps for an easy and quick way to master geography. Learn the countries of the world through a fun and engaging game! Just tap the answer to each question on the map. Keep track of your progress through the statistics page so that you will always know where you can improve. See how much you can learn in just 10 minutes!’

3- Geo Touch: Learn Geography

'Get the feel of how our world fits together with this app by Clever Dragons. Learn the shape and location of each of the US states (included for free, along with US landmarks) or purchase additional maps, including countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. A map of European capital cities is also available, with additional content coming soon!'

4- Learn World Geography 

''Rather than creating frivolous games or distracting quizzes to try to make learning “fun,” Brainscape provides a scientifically optimized algorithm to repeat flashcards in just the right pattern for your brain’s maximum absorption, based on YOUR confidence. Brainscape makes sure that your study time is used as efficiently as possible, because – let’s face it – you're busy!

5- Africa Geography Quiz

'Perfect for students, teachers, and anyone wishing to learn African countries, capitals, and flags using a fun and interactive method. '

6- World Map Challenge! Geography

'Challenge your knowledge of world geography with World Map Challenge! Learn the locations of nearly 200 countries around the globe.'