Here Is A Powerful Video Processing Software

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VideoProc is a video processing software that provides a wide variety of editing and processing features to help you create professionally looking videos. The software is easy and simple to use. It allows you to quickly edit, convert 4K UHD video, DVDs and music at faster rate. VideoProc is also the only video service that supports video processing with GPU level-3 acceleration. Some of the important features provided by VideoProc include:

 Remove unwanted segments from videos
 You can use VideoProc to easily cut undesired sections and to re-arrange clips the way you want before uploading them to video hosting sites such as YouTube and other UGC platforms.

The trim feature enables you to enhance the overall composition of the image by removing distractive features and eliminating black bars. You also have the option to expand the video to meet YouTube’s requirements for widescreen playback, aspect ration ect.

VideoProc offers a sophisticated set of subtitling features that allow you to export subtitles, add integrated or external subtitle files (.ass, .ssa, .srt) to your videos, and search for online subtitles for movies and episodes of TV.

Using Effects you will be able to stylize your videos the way you want. You can apply visual effects and preset filters that include Grayscale, Reflection, Sepia and many more. You can also customize image brightness and saturation and sharpen colours to give your videos a professional touch.

With VideoProc you can rotate your videos both clockwise and counterclockwise 90, 180 or even 270 degrees. You can also use it to flip your videos both vertically and horizontally.

VideoProc enables you to mix numerous video segments (e.g., MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV) into a single H264 file. You can even integrate several video/audio/subtitle tracks into a single MKV file.

VideoProc is also a power screen recording tool to use to record, for instance, Skype calls, streaming videos, webinars, presentations, and many more. Its built-in recording modes allow you to create complete clips from desktop/iOS screen, webcam or both at the same time in picture-in-picture mode. As a teacher, you can use VideoProc to create step-by-step tutorials, instructional clips, explanatory screencasts, podcasts and several other educational video  and audio materials. Language learners can alsp create MKV to choose multiple audio or subtitle streams for study.

For those of you who like YouTube, VideoPro offers you the options to download YouTube watch later playlist and to convert YouTube videos to MP4 MP3. You can also use it to easily download online videos and music from  1000+ UGC websites including Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, SoundCloud and many more.

VideoPro offers three types of licenses: a renewable 1 year license, a lifetime license, and family leave. You can learn more about these licences here. For our readers here, you can use the coupon GETLF39OFF  to get a 50% when you buy VideoProc.

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