Two Geat Drawing Tools to Use with Students

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For those of you asking about simple yet effective drawing tools to use with students in class, the ones figured below are a great place to start with. They provide you with a clutter-free canvas where you can focus on your creative abilities. Students can use them to create beautiful sketches, doodles, posters, charts, diagrams, and several other visual productions.

1- Google Drawings
This is probably one of the best free drawing tools out there. You can use it to create various types of visuals, shapes and diagrams and with a little creativity you can even create classroom posters and infographics. We have used it for several of the graphics we published here in the past. Everything you create on Google Drawings can be easily embedded in a Google Docs document or published on the web. You also have the option to dowload your visuals in different formats including PDF, PNG, and JPG. Students can use the commenting feature to leave feedback on each others drawings and work collaboratively to enhance their productions. To learn more about Google Drawings features and how to use them, check out this page.

2- Autodraw
AutoDraw is 'a recently released web tool by Google. AutoDraw offers almost everything a drawing editor can offer: it has a nice wide canvas to draw on. Use the Draw tool to draw anything you want, then add colours from color picker. You can also add text using the Type tool and/or make different shapes by the Shape tool. You can move, rotate and resize objects as you like and when you are done you can download your work in PNG format and share it with others'.
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