Turn Your iPad into An Interactive Whiteboard with These Apps

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After we have reviewed iPad apps to help you create mind maps and brainsorm ideas, today’s post features a collection of some of the best apps to turn your iPad into a digital whiteboard. You can use these apps to doodle, sketch, draw and visualize your ideas and notes the way you want. They also enable you to record your creations as they are taking shape screencasting thus the whole process from start to finish. You can also enrich your content with imported materials including images, links, files, PDFs, and many more. Whether you want to create an educational tutorial, an explanatory screencast, or and illustrative visual, these whiteboard apps empower you with the required tools to unleash your creative thinking. Check them out and  share with us your feedback in our social media pages.

1- Explain Everything

This one of our favourite whiteboard and screencasting apsp. It provides you with a distraction free enivornment where you can create, record, collaborate and share your creations with others.  You can draw in different colours, add text and clipart, use a laser pointer, import multimedia materials and collaborate with others on the same project in real-time.

2- Educreations

This is another great whiteboard and screencasting tool to use for a wide vareity of purposes. Besides the being able to create visually rich educational content using numerous tools, Educreations allows you to create classes and invite your students to join within the app. You can create lessons and sync them to students' iPads and monitor their work. Lessons can also be accessed from the app’s website.

3- ShowMe

A very good interactive whiteboard to use to record screencasts and voice-over tutorials. Some of the features it provides include: various brush colours and text fonts, import photos from camera roll or photo library, create videos from any document, manage students with Groups, upload and share your recordings with others. The premium version offers more features including: private posting, markup tools, download video files, create student accounts and many more.

4- Doceri

‘Create hand-written or hand-drawn Doceri projects on your iPad, using sophisticated drawing tools and the innovative Doceri Timeline. Unlike other drawing and screencast apps, Doceri uses timeline-based editing so original lessons are always saved, even after a screencast recording is created. All drawing strokes, photos or hand-drawn objects can be cut, pasted or resized at any point in the timeline. This enables easy creation and reuse of engaging presentations and high-quality, flipped classroom screencasts. ’
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